A revolution in roleplay dispatch

Offering an easy to use, realtime multiuser web interface, CADvanced can help your RP community move to the next level.

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Why CADvanced?

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Fully hosted

CADvanced is a fully hosted solution, making it extremely easy for you to get up and running quickly.

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Simple pricing

CADvanced pricing is simple, no tiers, just one, flat low rate for everyone

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Amazing feature set

CADvanced was conceived by roleplayers for roleplayers. We know what features an awesome CAD should have, so we added them!

CADvanced features

We believe the features we've built into CADvanced are pretty special. Here's a few highlights...

Multi-user CAD
Multi-user CAD

All in-CAD changes, such as call creation etc. update for all other CAD users immediately

Free FiveM plugin
Free FiveM plugin

The optional, free FiveM plugin brings amazing real-time integration between CADvanced & FiveM

Player whitelisting
Player whitelisting

Whitelist players from within the CAD! Enables you to easily control which players can and cannot join.

Excellent support
Excellent support

We don't believe you'll have problems using CADvanced, but if you do, we're here to help!

Steam integration
Steam integration

Logging into CADvanced is done via Steam, so no giving your details to yet another website!

Easy admin
Easy admin

Managing your CAD shouldn't be a chore. Our admin tools put everything at your fingertips.

Simple and transparent pricing

7 day FREE trial - no payment details required

per month if you pay monthly

per month if you pay annually (£40)
  • 7 day free trial
  • Unlimited registered CAD users
  • Unlimited simultaneous assignable players
  • Unlimited units
  • Unlimited calls
  • Full CAD functionality
  • Free, optional FiveM plugin

Join our Discord server

A great place to chat about all things CAD, our Discord server is at https://discord.gg/VSMTukq